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Immediate Coverage when animal is purchased at an accredited horse sale. Simply call the office.

No Vet Exam required if horse is healthy and between the ages of 1-20 and insured for less then $100,000.

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Affordable Horse Insurance

by Conni Peters Roger Peters Livestock Insurance

Each of us is feeling the “crunch” of this situation- cutting back on some of our expenses is one way of easing our burden. However, insurance is never a wise place to cut back. Whether it is on your health insurance, car insurance, homeowners insurance or even you’re horse insurance. A total loss in any of these areas could be not only financially devastating but emotionally devastating as well.

The vast majority of my clients are hard working-family oriented- middle-class people. In order to own their beloved horse they have borrowed money from the bank to purchase it, or maybe the horse is the love of their life and their link to sanity in an insane world. Their horse is as much a part of their family as any human. The #1 cause of death to insured horses is colic. This condition knows no boundaries. Not age, not extra special care or even prayer will spare a horse from this unpredictable and many times deadly condition.

You may not be able to protect yourself from the emotional pain of a loss- but you certainly can protect yourself from the financial devastation it could certainly cause you. Leaving you, “paying for a dead horse” and unable to replace it because of the monetary situation a loss would cause.

Imagine walking out into the barn one morning to feed and finding your horse unable to stand up. He is colicking-- or worse yet-- he is already gone. Two phone calls and of course a few prayers will help you get thru this. First you call your vet so, hopefully, he can save your horse with treatment or surgery. The second call is to your insurance company or agent to report the situation. Now your horse and your financial situation both have a fighting chance.

The cost of protecting your investment could have been as little as $500.00 per year. This would have allowed you a return of the insured value if your horse died, as well as an allotted amount up to $10,000 to do the colic surgery. Do you think if you could have seen into the future that you would not have found a way to pay that $475.00??? Of course, you would have. That is why they call hindsight 20/20. It all becomes so clear when you are in a position like this.

So please, the next time you think that you can not afford up to $1.31 a day to protect your friend, companion, and four-legged family member… think again! Simply pick up the phone-make a free call to our office 1-800-228-8664 and ask for Conni. We have loved insuring America’s horses for over 40 years and we will certainly know how to help you. As horse owners, we know all about loving our animals!

Horse Insurance Policies Offered

Full Mortality/Theft & Limited Colic Surgery Endorsement

Livestock Mortality is a Life Insurance policy for your horse, with you as beneficiary. It is an "All -Risk" policy, which will cover death from any cause, subject to certain exclusions, which are stated in the policy.

We will also pay you if your horse is stolen.

We will pay the actual value of the horse at the time of the accident or illness causing its death, not exceeding the value specified in the schedule. If your horse is sick or injured during the policy term You Must REPORT the sickness or injury to the company prior to expiration date of your coverage. In doing so, you will trigger a 12-month extension of the Mortality coverage should the horse die within that time from that reported cause.

When you call Roger Peters Livestock Insurance, Inc., ask your agent about other optional coverage available for an additional premium. We offer FREE EMERGENCY COLIC SURGERY to 3,500.00 depending on the company.

Major Medical Endorsement

This insurance reimburses the veterinarian's fees for surgery, major illness, and disease. We will pay reasonable and customary charges necessitated by accident, injury or illness for your insured horse. We have various limits premiums and deductibles for the major medical insurance. We feel due to the high costs of veterinary expenses and unforeseen events related to the health of your animal that you should seriously consider adding this coverage to your full mortality and theft policy. This is optional coverage but please call our office and talk to Conni so we may together determine your needs. 1-800-228-8664.

Surgical Only

Surgical Only coverage available with a minimal deductible. Coverage is for the actual cost of the surgery and will pay up to 50% of that amount for non-surgical charges.

Loss of Use Endorsement - Gelding Only

If your horse becomes totally and permanently incapable of fulfilling the functions for which it is used, as stated on your policy, but its condition does not necessitate destruction for humane reasons, you may suffer a financial loss. The Loss of Use extension will pay you a percentage of the animals insured value. Full X-ray reports and soundness exams are required for approval at the inception of this endorsement. Ask your agent for a full explanation of this coverage.

Equine Personal Liability

In the event your horse injures a third party or damages their property, this policy provides coverage for defense fees and pays claims for which you are legally liable during the policy period. Ask your agent for a full explanation of this coverage.

Accident, Sickness and Disease

Available on PROVEN Breeding Stallions only.

This coverage provides you payment of the insured value of your Stallion if during the policy term he becomes PERMANENTLY impotent, infertile or incapable of servicing mares due to an accident, sickness or a disease. Talk to your agent for more details.

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Getting the Most From Your Horse Insurance Coverage

by Conni Peters Roger Peters Livestock Insurance

If your horse is sick or injured bad enough to call your vet, you must call your insurance company!

As a seasoned, career horse insurance agent, if I could stand at the highest point in the world and scream out one piece of advice about horse insurance coverage for all policyholders to hear and heed to it would be "If your horse is sick or injured bad enough to call your vet, you must call your insurance company!"! It is so simple, yet when the client does not follow this one simple step, they run the risk of jeopardizing their insurance coverage. With each insurance policy our office mails to the client, we attach a brightly colored card with the 24-hour toll-free phone number to call in the event your insured animal becomes sick, injured, or dies. I already know what many of you are thinking, "Well, if I call this into the insurance company they won't renew my coverage, or my rate will go up next year.? This thought is absolutely not true.

Very few of us read our insurance policies, we stick them in a file and forget about them. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of some of the conditions of the insurance policy that you, the horse owner did not make that one simple call to report their animal was under a vet's care.

A livestock mortality policy is a "term policy". Which means it is written for a one-year term only, renewable on a healthy horse. Each year, the company and the agent must review the insurability of the animal. If the horse has sustained an illness or an injury and you have in fact made that report to the insurance company, you will trigger what is called a 12-month extension of coverage. This means if your horse should die or have to be humanely destroyed due to the same reported problem during a full 12-month period from the expiration date of your coverage the company will pay the claim under this extension. Decide not to make the call and you will not have the benefit of the 12-month extension of coverage under the mortality portion of the policy.

You may ask yourself:

  • Do I call if my horse is lame? Yes.
  • Do I call even if I have not bought the major medical - surgical? Yes!
  • Do I call if my horse has a little colic? Yes
  • Do I call if my horse has a hoof abscess, has a little colic, is being treated for epm, has an infection? Yes. Absolutely.

When don't I need to call? Only when normal care and maintenance are going on with your horse. Shots, floating teeth, hock injections (for maintenance only.) But if you are injecting the hocks due to a lameness you need to call the company if nothing else, please at least call your agent and talk to him or her about the situation. Let the agent help you. It is our job. My office enjoys the opportunity to better inform our clients. It makes for a much easier claim situation if your hoses condition would get worse. The insurance adjuster will remain in contact with you and your vet until the horse is released from the vets care.

There are a few very good reasons for this condition in your policy.

  1. As the insured, you must do everything the Vet tells you to do, regardless of cost, to treat your insured horse. If an insured horse dies as a result of not receiving the proper treatment, the company can deny your claim. Reporting a problem at the time it occurs will allow the insurance company and the vet to remain in contact.
  2. If you have been treating your horse for a problem and suddenly the condition worsens and the horse needs to be humanely destroyed you will be able to do this in a timely manner as the insurance company has been following the condition with you and the vet from the very beginning. If agreed between the insurance company and the Vet, permission will be granted by the company for the animal to be humanely destroyed. A current file between these two parties will make this process much easier and your animal will not have to suffer any longer then it already has.
  3. Last, if you do not report a condition, you do not receive the 12-month extension of coverage under the mortality portion of your policy. This is a benefit to you. Use it.

I can speak about this important policy condition due to a great deal of experience. Our agency, Roger Peters Livestock Insurer, Inc opened its doors in the 1970's, Back when we did not have hock injections, epm, major medical and successful colic surgeries. Much as changed in the many years I have run our families horse insurance agency. But some things remain the same. When you call my office you will get a friendly, real person. Not a menu of options. We have immediate binding authority. We keep things simple and easy to understand. We currently have an office in Nebraska and Texas. We are extremely proud of the reputation within the Horse Insurance Industry as well as our long-term relationship with our A+ rated companies. Honesty is paramount in this office. You may not always like what our agents tell you about the way an insurance policy is written, but it will be the truth and not what you want to hear in order to entice you to do business with our agency. In the rush of today's business world if you can offer personal attention, sincere concern, knowledge of your product and honesty I feel you have what it takes to be around for a very long time. Roger Peters Livestock Insurer, Inc. offers all of this and more. I know, I have been here over half of my life and enjoy my job everyday.

Please give us a call when your current policy renews or if you just simply need to visit with a professional about your horse insurance. Ask for Conni. 1-800-228-8664.

Or if you would like to work with our agents in Texas call Dixie at 817-563-6050.

And please one last time...
if your horse is sick or injured bad enough to call the vet, he is bad enough to call your insurance company.

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