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Immediate Coverage when animal is purchased at an accredited horse sale. Simply call the office.

No Vet Exam required if horse is healthy and between the ages of 1-20 and insured for less then $100,000.

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Full Mortality/Theft & Limited Colic Surgery Endorsement

Livestock Mortality is a Life Insurance policy for your horse, with you as beneficiary. It is an "All-Risk" policy, which will cover death from any cause, subject to certain exclusions, which are stated in the policy. Our policies also include FREE COLIC SURGERY ENDORSEMENT UP TO $3,500. DEPENDING ON THE COMPANY.

We will also pay you if your horse is stolen.

We will pay the actual value of the horse at the time of the accident or illness causing its death, not exceeding the value specified in the schedule. If your horse is sick or injured during the policy term YOU MUST REPORT the sickness or injury to the company IMMEDIATELY. As long as an illness or injury is properly reported to the company PRIOR TO EXPIRATION DATE OF YOUR COVERAGE, you will trigger a 12 month extension of the Mortality coverage should the horse die within that time from that reported cause.

When you call Roger Peters Livestock Insurance, Inc., ask Conni about any other available optional coverages. That's what we are here for.

Major Medical Endorsement

This insurance reimburses the veterinarian's fees for surgery, major illness and disease. We will pay reasonable and customary charges necessitated by accident, injury or illness for your insured horse. We have various limits premiums and deductibles for the major medical insurance. We feel do to the high costs of veterinary expenses and unforeseen events related to the health of your animal that you should seriously consider adding this coverage to your full mortality and theft policy. This is optional coverage but please call our office and talk to Conni so we may together determine your needs. 1-800-228-8664.

Surgical Only

Surgical Only coverage available with a minimal deductible. Coverage is for the actual cost of the surgery and the payment varies depending on the company. Surgical only in our professional opinion should only be considered if major medical is absolutely not an option for you.

Loss of Use Endorsement - Gelding Only

If your horse becomes totally and permanently incapable of fulfilling the functions for which it is used, as stated on your policy, but its condition does not necessitate destruction for humane reasons, you may suffer a financial loss. The Loss of Use extension will pay you a percentage of the animals insured value. Full X-ray reports and soundness exams are required for approval at the inception of this endorsement. Ask your agent for a full explanation of this coverage.

Equine Personal Liability

In the event your horse injures a third party or damages their property, this policy provides coverage for defense fees and pays claims for which you are legally liable during the policy period. Ask your agent for a full explanation of this coverage.

Accident, Sickness and Disease

Available on PROVEN Breeding Stallions only.

This coverage provides you payment of the insured value of your Stallion, if during the policy term he becomes PERMANENTLY impotent, infertile or incapable of servicing mares due to an accident, sickness or a disease. Talk to your agent for more details.

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