Rogers Peters Annual Memorial Horse Show

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STARS (Special Tropper Adaptive Riding School)

In the spring each year as the pastures are green and lush and the snow is gone for another season, Roger Peters Livestock Insurer, Inc. remembers my dad, Roger L. Peters, by sponsoring a horse show at our local S.T.A.R.S. (Special Troopers Adaptive Riding School) facility. S.T.A.R.S is a non-profit organization run by a few salary employees, such as the accredited trainers and a staff of three women. Without the many volunteers who donate their time and love to this worthwhile organization it would not be possible to have a facility of this caliber in Sioux City. They do everything from grooming horses to cleaning stalls and planting flowers to actually working with the riders. Each rider must have a volunteer on each side of their horse at all times while they are taking their class. Safety is paramount at the S.T.A.R.S barn.

The riders range in ages from 3 years old to adults. Each have a special disability in which riding the horses works to build muscle, balance, confidence as well as so many other benefits the horses give to them. Stop and think about what a gift it would be to ride a horse if your only angle of the world was from a wheelchair. The benefits of a program such as this are endless. It shows just how much a horse can transform a human life.

The Horse show gives these riders a chance to "Show their stuff" to their friends and family on this very special day. It is a highlight in their life each year.

It is a family day- the riders all get a new tee shirt and each one is a FIRST PLACE WINNER receiving a medal to hang around their neck. Then we all enjoy a potluck lunch afterwards. The riders, family and friends look forward to this event each year, as do I and my family.

They say a "Picture Paints a Thousand Words" Well, these photos are evidence of that.

Conni Peters sitting next to the Roger Peters Livestock Insurer, Inc. Memorial Horse Show Banner.
A family going the coming to the horse show.
Presentation of the United States flag, presented by a STARS rider.
The STARS rider participating in the egg balancing competition.
A rider enjoying the day.
Hugs a being shared by a volunteer and a rider during the Horse Show.
A rider and her trainers entering the arena.
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